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Media & Communication Arts

This guide will provide information on the Media & Communication arts programs as well as finding resources in these interconnected industries.

Media, Communications & Consumers

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Media and communications are about sending messages to the public and specific groups. Organizations should identify the consumers they are targeting in order to craft their messages. 

The resources below can assist in collecting demographics, identifying consumers and reviewing media usage. 

Identify Your Target Audience

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You can use the Simmons database to identify your target audience. In Simmons, you can find surveys from U.S. consumers about their lifestyle, buying, and media habits, and provides demographic and psychographic data. It covers a wide variety of products, brands and services.  The interface allows users to explore the data and create analyses and reports.

Demographics: Know More About Your Audience

Psychographics & Media Usage

Learn about your Target's Attitudes, Opinions, Lifestyles, and Media Usage.

Consumer Trends & Lifestyles