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Media & Communication Arts

This guide will provide information on the Media & Communication arts programs as well as finding resources in these interconnected industries.


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Media & Communication Arts Guide!

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About The Programs

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What will you learn in the Undergraduate Communications Programs at Pace University? 

"The BA in Communication Studies program explores the many ways people and institutions use messages to generate meaning and how these messages are interpreted and understood, providing students the theoretical understanding of the dynamics of interpersonal and intercultural communication and the practical skills they need to become successful communicators."

"In our BA in Communications program on the Pleasantville Campus, you will focus on video production, media studies, journalism, film studies, or speech performance in order to develop real-world, practical skills. Plus, you’ll have access to our state-of-the-art Communications Center, equipped with the latest digital video and audio equipment for student use."

The resources in this guide can help you understand more about the information you'll learn in these programs and even assist in your classes if you're a current student! 

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