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Women's & Gender Studies

Getting Started: Research in Women's & Gender Studies

Whether you're getting started with your research, or if you need help finding background information, primary sources, and more - explore this guide to learn more about the resources and services available to you through Pace Libraries for Women's & Gender Studies research!

Getting Started with Research: Picking a Topic

Topic Design Steps:

Step 1:

Review Assignment: What's the assignment? What are the expectations for your work? Are there any specific requirements?

Step 2:

Brainstorm: Pick a topic that interests you! What do you want to learn more about?

Step 3:

Find Background Information: Reading an overview of a topic will allow you to better understand the landscape of what you are researching. This can also help you narrow in on a specific idea or issue.

Step 4:

Focus Your Topic: Remember to stay flexible while picking a thesis statement, if a topic is too broad or too narrow it will be hard to research. So keep in mind - picking your topic is research too!