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ENG201: Semester-Long Project

Unit 1: Discipline Narrative:
The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about your major, along with the conversations that are taking place in the field that interest you as a researcher. 

  • Where do these discipline conversations take place?
  • In trade publications or magazines
  • newsletters from professional organizations
  • at conferences sponsored by professional organizations
  • on blogs
  • on Twitter, or in Facebook Groups, etc.
  • and in scholarly journals published in the discipline.
  • Search to locate professional association & organization websites (use the tab above)
    • Review websites to see if the organization has bloggers, or is active on social media - those are places where news and updates in the field may be found


Unit 2: Literature Review:
Literature Reviews require writers to explore the existing scholarship that has been completed relative to their research question or topic. The review should summarize, evaluate, and synthesize existing scholarship related to your research question.

  • Where is this existing scholarship?
  • Published in academic, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals (use the tab avove)
  • Published in books and e-books (use the tab above)
  • Presented at professional conferences 
    • Use the professional association or organization websites you found for your Literacy Narrative - check to see if conference papers or proceedings are made available or published by the organization


Getting Help

If you are not finding what you need, please contact a librarian.  Feel free to talk to any of the librarians on staff. We are here to help.

Stop by the reference desk in person, or visit the Ask a Librarian link to chat, e-mail, or call for answers to your research related questions.


The Basics

Do you have a Library barcode?

A library barcode allows you to request items from other Pace Library locations and to request books from Connect NY libraries in New York State.

If you do not have a barcode, you can get one at the Circulation/Front Desk in the Library. (You can also request your barcode via email.)