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ENG 201: Research Introduction, Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review (PLV)

Research Introduction Assignment

For the "Research Introduction" assignment, students should be reflecting on their past to "articulate motivating experiences and factors to enter a specific academic and professional field...and understand the connection between individual interests and research focus."  

While student research questions should be motivated from their past experiences with their discipline area, they may be interested to see what scholarly conversations are occurring in that research area to articulate their ideas. The information on this page can provide information on scholarship as a conversation. 

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Research Question Discovery

Professional associations and organizations can be a great source of information on what is happening in a field or discipline. Many professional associations publish newsletters, blogs, e-mail updates, scholarly journals and they have informative websites. Professional organizations and associations also often host conferences which provide the latest updates in a field. 

  • In trade publications or magazines
  • Newsletters from professional organizations
  • At conferences sponsored by professional organizations
  • On blogs
  • On Twitter, or in Facebook Groups, etc.
  • And in scholarly journals published in the discipline

Search Tip: 

Search Google for your major or discipline and add the word association to your search. Or any of the bolded keywords above.

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