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ENG 201: Research Introduction, Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review (PLV)

About This Guide

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Welcome to the English 201 Course Research Guide!

The purpose of this guide is to provide information and resources for navigating the assignments in the ENG 201 course at the Pleasantville Campus: the Essay #1: Research Introduction and the Essay #2: Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review. Descriptions of the assignments are below. 

Use the navigation on the left side to find support for completing these assignments. 


Discipline Narrative

Similar to the discourse community students explored in ENG 120, academic disciplines also share common goals and values that are realized through the use of specific language. To effectively complete this assignment, students will address two prompts: First, they will situate themselves in the dialogue by explaining why they have selected their major. To accomplish this, students will discuss and analyze the events and experiences that have shaped this decision. Next, students will develop a research question related to their major and articulate a hypothesis. Before proposing their research question, students will present a general research topic, explain why the topic interests them, and articulate why they believe this topic is valuable to their own growth and the growth of their major or field of study. Following their research question, students will develop a hypothesis that addresses their potential findings based on what they already know about the topic.

Research Goals:

  • Articulate motivating experiences and factors to enter a specific academic and professional field
  • Produce a research question and qualitative study framework

Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review

The second assignment or stage of this project requires students to conduct both primary and secondary research through interviews and the drafting of a Literature Review (And annotated bibliography). Before conducting their interviews (primary research), students will first acquaint themselves with previously conducted scholarship relative to their research question, thus providing a foundation for and direction to their own study.

Research Goals: 

  • Develop secondary (and primary) research skills
  • Critically evaluate and synthesize peer-reviewed sources relative to selected research topic