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ENG 201: Research in the Disciplines (PLV)

Annotated Bibliography & the Literature Review

The Literature Review:
Literature Reviews require writers to explore the existing scholarship that has been completed relative to their research question or topic. The review should summarize, evaluate, and synthesize existing scholarship related to your research question.

  • Where is this existing scholarship?
  • Published in academic, scholarly, peer-reviewed journals (use the tab on the left)
  • Published in books and e-books (use the tab on the left)
  • Presented at professional conferences 
    • Search for professional associations or organizations in your field, check to see if conference papers or proceedings are made available or published by the organization on their website.
  • Trade publications such as magazines or newsletters published by professional associations


Your Library Barcode

Do you have a Library barcode?

A library barcode allows you to request items from other Pace Library locations and to request books from Connect NY libraries in New York State.

If you do not have a barcode, request your barcode via email by sending a message to Be sure to include your name and Pace U number in the message.. 

Interlibrary Loan

When you find an article in a research database and it is not immediately available, use the Search for Item button to search Pace's periodical holdings (print and electronic). If you are told to use Pace's Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) service to request an article, follow the link.

  • Articles (pdf files/photocopies) can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days to obtain. 
  • Books, conference proceedings and other documents are also available via Interlibrary Loan and can be picked up at your home campus Library.