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You may want to recommend certain publications (journals, newspapers, trade publications) to your students. To determine which publications the Pace Library subscribes to, use the Journal Title tab on the Library homepage. Once you have determined if the Library subscribes to a publication, you can link to that publication from your Classes course shell.

For example, here is a link to the Library's subscription to the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education (after clicking this link, click the link that reads "Access Options")


Step 1: On the Library home page, click on the "Journal Title" tab, enter the title of the publication in the search box and click the green button:

Journal Title


Step 2: On the results page, if we do subscribe to the publication, click on the publication title:

Journal title result 

Step 3: On the right hand side of the publication information page, click on the "Permalink" button. This will display the link to this page near the top, above the publication title.

Step 4: Place your cursor inside the Permalink URL box, click to select the link and then Copy that link: 

Journal title permalink


Step 5: In your Classes course shell, paste that URL wherever you would like to link to the publication title -- in course content, or in a Module, etc.