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Library Technical Assistance: Printer Installation (For Students)

Library Technology Help

Two USB Stick with the Installation Files for

(Printer Drivers also available at ) 

Using the USB Stick, following the instructions below:

Pace Printer Installation

Windows Printing (B&W and Color)

Step 1 – click on PacePrintingPopUp_for_Lte.exe

Step 2 – click on PaceColorPrint_for_Lte.exe

Mac Printing (B&W and Color)

Step 1 – click on Mac Driver Popup 8.4.1.dmg

(The User will be requested to enter their Apple Password)

Step 2 – click on postflight

(A black terminal window will open and ask the user for their Apple Password, they will not see their password in this black window while typing it. It is working, and if they type it incorrectly it will prompt to enter the password again.)

Step 3 – Verify the Printers are installed and the Pop