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Library Technical Assistance: Printer Troubleshooting

Library Technology Help

Printer Troubleshooting

Common Scenarios

1)   A user prints a document from a library workstation, they swipe their Student ID at on Canon Printers and then there is no document waiting to print.  What do you do? 


If the user is on a public workstation, verify that the user is the actual person that has logged into the computer.  It is often the case that someone had logged into the computer beforehand and they printed under that persons account.  The user should log off and reprint under their account.


2) The document the user prints causes the printer light to blink red.


This could be caused by a jam or a printer tray routing issue.  To determin the problem, please press the touch screen area that says SYSTEM MONITOR (Bottom Right Hand Corner)

If the printer is displaying the screen below, it is trying to print via the side feed.  Please select one of the other trays LTR 1 - 4 to redirect the print job.

3) The printer is repeatly jamming.  


Open each paper draw and make sure that the settings are set to LTR as pictured below.  Only the very bottom tray should have LTR - R (Vertical Paper Image)