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Library Technical Assistance: Wireless Setup & Troubleshooting

Library Technology Help

Pace Wireless Setup

Regardless of Operating System (Mac or Windows) one must connect to the Pace-Open to makes sure their systems are registered on the Pace Wireless.   

If one does not do this, Computers that aren’t registered via PACE-OPEN will NOT be able to access the printer system and many other on campus servers (example: ECHO360) regardless of if their system was connected directly to PACE-WIRELESS

Step 1 – Install Java

a)    For Mac -- click java-osx.dmg

b)    For Windows – click java-win32.exe

Step 2 – Connect to PACE-OPEN wireless network

Step 3 – Use Web Browser (Internet Explorer preferable on Windows and Safari on Macs) to go to or – this will force the system to the registration system (Self-Provisioning Wireless Portal)

Step 4 – Log into the Self-Provisioning Portal with the users Pace credentials.

Step 5 – Put Description (example: Apple Macbook Pro or My Windows PC) and click register.


Windows machines will load up a Cisco Configuration Application that will setup the Pace-Wireless connection.  This may or may not happen automatically, there may be needed user intervention on clicking accept or running the application.  Please accept all certificates!


Macs have been seen to have seen to have different situations – at this current time I have yet to determine why this is the case.

1 – Nothing Happens.  It shows a spinning icon and says it is trying to launch an application.  This seems to happen a majority of the time.  Wait a few moments and then manually switch the wireless network to Pace-Wireless.  Enter the Pace User/Password as needed. Then Test the Network connection with Safari web browser to or

2 – A Cisco Configuration Application will load but there will be a few clicks of accepting warning and other messages.  If this happens, it will connect to Pace-Wireless automatically.