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The Research Process

In this research guide, learn the steps and strategies for an effective research process. Contact a librarian for assistance!

Video: Selecting & Searching a Database for Articles

One of the best places to locate scholarly/academic, newspaper, or magazine articles is within library databases. These are subscription resources that the library pays for in order to receive access to the content. 

Library databases function like search engines in that you enter your keywords and receive results. But they are also like streaming services in that they are not free (like most search engines) and each contain unique information, sometimes specific to certain subject areas, while others may be more generalized and include many topic areas. Think Netflix or Hulu (General) vs. BritBox (British TV) or CrunchRoll (Anime).  

Selecting a Database & Locating an Article

Databases to Start Your Research

Some databases are specific to certain subjects while others provide information on many areas. 

Not sure where to start? Try using one of these general databases:

Finding a Full Text Article

Never pay for a research article! How to find full text articles

Many databases provide access to both full-text articles and article summaries, or abstracts.

One option is to select the "Full Text" option in the database limiters to ensure that your results are only full articles. If we have full-text access, you will see the HTML and/or PDF icons for you to click on. 

No Full-Text: Use Inter-Library Loan

If there is no HTML or PDF link, or if you see a  icon, you can use our Inter-Library Loan service to request a copy of the article. 

When you click on  from within the database, you be taken to a page to select your campus to access our ILLIAD inter-library loan request form. 

Once you select one of the links, a new window will pop up with a pre-filled request form.

Review the information and select "Submit Request" at the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation and within a few days, you should receive an email with a copy of the article or information on why it may not be available. 

"What if I found an article on Google?"

If you found an article in a Library database that does not have a button, you can visit the Inter-Library Loan link on the library homepage to fill out a form and place a request. 

If you found an article on Google but it is behind a paywall (meaning it asks you to become a subscriber to see it), you can use our Journal Title tab to see if we have access in our databases. The video below will explain that process.