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The Research Process

In this research guide, learn the steps and strategies for an effective research process. Contact a librarian for assistance!

Videos: Locating Physical or Electronic Books

Books can provide valuable deep dives into topics and perspectives from across the scholarly conversation.

The Pace Library provides access to physical books which can be requested for pickup at any of our three campuses. Students also have access to thousands of searchable electronic books in our databases. 

Searching the Books & Media Tab

Screenshot of the search tabs on the Pace Library homepage with the Books & Media tab and the search box circled to highlight

To start searching for books, start at the Books & Media tab on the Library homepage. After doing a search, your results can include a variety of sources, including both physical books and electronic books.

To narrow your results to only books and eBooks, check the Book filter on the left side under Resource Type. If you know you are only interested in physical books, for example, check the box for Print Book to only see those results. You can see how many results you will have by looking at the number in parentheses next to each box.

If you are looking for a print book from a specific campus library, check the box for that location under Held by My Library

Image of search results with descriptions of the filters

If the book you are interested in is an eBook, click "View eBook" and a new window will open to access it. Pace subscribes to a variety of eBook collections so the interface may be different depending on which book you open. Below, see a result from ProQuest eBooks. 

To locate a physical book, you will see the campus library and shelf location in the search result and you can visit the shelf to access it. Or you can click on the title of the book and click "Place Hold" to request it to be sent to your local campus. 


Image of an eBook record

Books & Media Search

Using Inter-Library Loan

"What if there's a book that Library doesn't have?"

If you search for a book on Books & Media and our databases and the Library doesn't have it, you can visit the Inter-Library Loan link on the library homepage to fill out a form and place a book request. You will receive an email confirmation and an estimate on how we can obtain a copy for you. This process usually takes at least a week so we recommend factoring that into your searching. 

Screenshot of the search tabs on the Pace Library homepage with the Interlibrary Loan link circled to highlight it