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Zines, Pamphlets, Artists' Publications, and Chapbooks: The World of Self-Publishing & Small Press

This zine provides history, context, and resources for students and faculty seeking to learn more about alternative publications as protest, as alternative culture, as art practice, and as community resource.

About Little Magazines

In short, Little Magazines are independently-produced magazines with a very small circulation and, usually, a short existence compared with large, commercially published magazines like Vogue or The Atlantic. Historically, the term "Little Magazines" has referred to art and literary publications of the early 20th Century. In the 21st Century, the terms "independent magazine," or indie magazine may be used instead.

credit from left to right: Bitch magazine cover image from now defunct website; Native Movement cover from JSTOR database,; The Little Review cover from Literary Ladies Guide, Margaret Anderson,; Racquet magazine cover,

Databases with Digitized Little Magazines

Online Indexing Projects (for periodicals not in library databases)