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HIS 196H Zine Guide

for Professor Iacullo-Bird's fall 2023 class

But I'm Not An Artist!

Don't panic when you look at photos of zines and start thinking, I can't do that!

I can't do that either! but we can! Students are not expected to suddenly be highly skilled graphic designers! Zines can be very simple: Word-processed or handwritten or printed text; images collected from the Internet; and your own photos, magazines, old books, newspapers, etc. cut and pasted into collages. Art and design students may be comfortable making more sophisticated zines, but we can all do it.

Here's a link to an article about the basic principles of composition in art and design. It's good! Even if you just skim it and look at the images. The article is part of a larger series Learning to Look, about visual literacy.

Videos about Making a paper-based "Old School" Zine

Great Overview of Zine Making

Vice Magazine How to Make a Zine Overview