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HIS 196H Zine Guide

for Professor Iacullo-Bird's fall 2023 class

Description of the Assignment

A born-digital zine is usually made online and designed to be read online. Typically, if you try to print such a zine, you won't end up with a print booklet. You may end up with a packet of pages, or a booklet with the wrong page numbers.  Here is an example of a born-digital zine that CANNOT be printed as a booklet.

Because the history of zine making is so powerful and the allure of paper remains strong, many people want to create a digital zine to be read online AND they want to be able to print out copies (booklets)  of their digital zines to exchange at zine fairs, to sell on Etsy, or to give to classmates, friends, and family.

It's fair to say that in the 21st Century, zines will reach the biggest audience if they are both print and digital. Each has its own audience with digital, of course, having the bigger audience, at least in theory.

IMPORTANT: For this class, you shouldn't make a digital zine unless you make one that can be downloaded, printed, and folded into a booklet. The box below has an example of such a zine, "Zine About Pamphlets."

Here's a link to an article about the basic principles of composition in art and design. It's good! Even if you just skim it and look at the images. The article is part of a larger series Learning to Look, about visual literacy.

Example of Zine in Word

I made this zine in Word but saved it as a PDF so that people without Word can open it.

To really understand what the zine looks like, print it out! a zine made in Word isn't truly a zine until it's been printed and shared.

Note: when you print, make sure to select DOUBLE-SIDED and FLIP ON SHORT EDGE (NOT LONG EDGE). You should be able to fold it together using the page numbers as a guide.

Remember: your page numbers are crucial in the creation of your zines. I had to constantly readjust my columns (and page numbers) in Word as I added content to my zine. That's totally normal! To share this zines with others, I'll go back to my Word version of it, remove the page numbers on the covers, but keep the others. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about it all. Enjoy the process :) At some point, I'd like to see your final zine in Word, but we'll figure that out later.

Zine Template in Word: USE THIS

Susan's tips for making a zine in Word

IMPORTANT: I highly recommend watching this on YouTube, not here in this small window.